Using Widget Wrangler with PnP for IE

I am creating client-side webparts using the Widget Wrangler for SharePoint. The webparts all use PnP JS. This site needs to work in IE 10+. The webparts work great in Chrome and most other browsers. However, when i run it in IE I get an error about Undefined Headers. This is because PnP uses Promises which IE 10 and 11 don’t support. To fix that I had to include some polyfills and perform a sacrifice to the SharePoint gods.

  1. In the ww-appScripts property I needed to add the following references

So the tag ends up looking like this

{“src”: “”, “priority”:0},
{“src”: “”, “priority”: 1},
{“src”: “”, “priority”: 2},
{“src”: “”, “priority”: 2},
{“src”: “”, “priority”: 3},
{“src”: “”, “priority”: 4},
{“src”: “”, “priority”: 5},
{“src”: “~/bundle.js”, “priority”:6}

Important thing to note that the priority Fetch and ES6-Promise need to come before PnP.

Also in your PnP setup make sure to include

headers: {
“Accept”: “application/json; odata=verbose”

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